변 종곤 (Chonggon BYUN) 아메리카 America


Lucky Strikes Again

Oil on Woodboard

57x96cm, 2001

Good Morning America

Oil on Canvas

320x122cm, 2006


2014 Re : Collections (The Page gallery, Seoul)
2014 Byun Chong Gon_Meet (Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang)
2014 Byun Chong Gon_Revert (Gwanju Museum of Art, Gwanju)
2012 Work / Space (The Invisible Dog, New York, U.S.)
2011 Natural life, human (Daegu Art Museum, Daegu)
2011 The world hyperrealist painting (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)
2010 Chasing 56 (The Space M, New York, U.S.)
2010 If you see nothing, say something (The Invisible Dog, New York, U.S.)
2010 May flower (Gwangju National Museum, Gwangju)
2009 Icons of art (The Columns gallery, Seoul)