유 선미 (Sun YOU) 아메리카 America



Polymer clay, Interior molding

56x77cm, 2018

Glorious modest, TSA NY, Brooklyn, NY

Polymer clay

533x182x30cm, 2017


Solo and Two person Exhibitions
2018 Grow into a field (The Anderson gallery Virginia Commonwealth university, Richmond, U.S.)
2018 Dear my friend (Secret Dungeon, New York, U.S.)
2017 Glorious modest, Ivin Ballen and Sun You (Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York, New York, U.S.)
2016 This one is for you (I'espace 71, Seoul)
2016 Slow hello, Andrew D. Moeller and Sun You (Underdonk, New York, U.S.)
2013 Urvan jungle, Jiyeon Lee and Sun You (BBCN bank, New York, U.S.)
2012 Sun You/ Maria Walker (Open Soace, New York, U.S.)
2010 Sun You (Wagner College, New York, U.S.)
2002 Sun You​ (The Korean embassy cultural center, Washington D.C., U.S.)
2002 Jungle story​ (Sean Christopher fine art gallery, Columbus, U.S.)